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April Update

Spring Technology Training

At the conclusion of testing season, we are going to offer more technology training so you can hit the ground running when we come back in September. Now’s the time to experiment!

To maximize the impact of these trainings, I’d like you to think about you would like to see in your tech PDs and shoot me a quick email with suggestions over the next two weeks.

Possible topics include:
Intro or advanced SmartBoard training Class website creation Computer basics
Using your iPad in your classroom Engrade

iPad workshop

Apple offerings a monthly workshop called iPad for Educators at UFT headquarters in lower Manhattan. If you have your own iPad and would like to learn more about how to use it in your classroom, you can sign up at http://tinyurl.com/sisclipad. I went last week and found it very powerful.


We still have 12 Nooks available for you to use in your classroom. Please let me know if you would like to add these to your classroom library.


We have four more Elmos available. If you do not have a full-sized document camera, please put in a tech request so we can get one out to you.

SISCL Repairs Tech Repair Clinic

After testing, the SISCL MOUSE Squad will launch SISCL Repairs, to fix computers for friends and family of the SISCL community. The website to sign up to have your computer repaired is http://www.sisclrepairs.com . We are also looking for computer donations to give to students that don’t have one at home.

We need media for Lobby LCD

If you have pictures or video from your classroom or SISCL events and would like them featured on our lobby LCD, please send them to me so we can show off all the great things our school community does.

Do webpages appear incorrectly on your classroom desktop or laptop?

You may need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. Most of the DOE webpages and web programs only run in Internet Explorer. If you are having issues and need your web browser updated, please submit a tech request on the SISCL website.



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